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Francis Bonnefoy / Roselust II
Recent Ask Answered | Recent OOC Journal | Recent Spain Challenge

Name: France (formerly Gaul), Francis Bonnefoy, Roselust II, or Francepony

Nicknames: Frenchie, Franny, Frunce, Frog, Beardy, Big Brother

Age: 26 (Birthday: July 14, 1790 or 843 AD)

Zodiac: Cancer

Species: Equus ferus caballus (unicorn; French trotter)

Gender: Male

Fandom: Hetalia: Axis Powers

Sexuality: Pansexual

Erogenous zone: stubble

Physical Description

A light blue unicorn stallion with a long, wavy blonde mane, blue eyes, and stubble. His underbelly is a lighter blue (Pegasus ver.: along with most feathers under his wings). He also wears a golden ring on his right ear.


"A pretentious and romantic man who does everything at his own pace. He is quick to remind everyone that French is the language of love. Although he claims to be a gourmand, some of the food he eats is more disgusting than sophisticated. An advocate of art and culture, France loves anything or anyone beautiful. This love for beauty does not discriminate between gender, race, age or even species. Despite his disagreements with England, France believes he would be quite tolerable if he could learn to just shut his mouth. On a side note, he is so self-centered that he refuses to learn English himself."


:bulletblue:Is a good archer
:bulletwhite:Is a good card dealer
:bulletred:Somewhat of a clown/prankster
:bulletblue:Somewhat shy around larger, intimidating males
:bulletwhite:Good at illusion tricks and the like
:bulletred:Is a sucker for disco
:bulletblue:Honestly dislikes America a bit for surpassing him in cultural power and influence and struggles to get over it
:bulletwhite:Speaks English slow because he's not that great at it

:bulletblue:Admins: :iconmorgischmorgi:+:iconfranceypantslol:
:bulletwhite:Pierre: :iconaskponypierre:
:bulletred:"Bad" Touch Trio: :iconaskponyspain:+:iconaskfrancepony:+:iconask-pony-prussia:
:bulletblue:F.A.C.E.: :iconaskfrancepony:+:iconusa-bomberboy:+:iconaskcanadapony:+:iconhetalia-ask-england:

Rest in peace, AskPonyFrance and AskPonyPrussia.

Mameshiba-Pony France by AskPonyMacauRequest for AskFrancePony by usa-bomberboyAsk Pony France by NekoGurlSelene

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